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Plum Crazy Resto Mod

  • D2691F60-126F-4DCE-9D60-687DB81D4980.jpeg This ‘70 Cuda was originally yellow with a black vinyl top. When I bought it in 1987 the previous owners had their way with it. Some original engine parts and the A.C. were missing and it had been hit pretty hard a couple of times. Over the years the Cuda would go through several attempts to make it a viable hot rod. Money usually ran out before I would get very far.
    About 1991, I had just enough money to pay a guy to do a crappy blue paint job with the ugliest light blue stripe I’ve ever seen on a Cuda. At least it protected the sheet metal.
    Fast forward to present day, the ol’ 383 has been freshened up with all the good stuff. The 727 is fresh as well with a Gear Vendors overdrive hanging off the end. Out back, an 8-3/4 with 3.91’s.
    Getting the Cuda running and on the road was a major step. Now it’s time for paint. We completely disassembled it and now it’s at the paint shop. Looks like we’ll have it in our hands around the first of the year.
    As progress continues, I’ll update with more photos.
    We are down to the final blocking and wet sanding. Next up is Lizard Skin heat and sound insulation and then on to color.
    While the body is at the paint shop, I plenty of time to get all the other components ready for installation. A little paint and the rear end is ready to spin and stop some wheels.
    3/18/19 Update: Huge progress has been made. Two weeks ago the interior was sprayed with Lizard Skin sound and heat insulation. A week ago the first color was laid down on the engine bay and belly. And the exterior got the first coat two days ago. Still a ways to go, I’m thrilled to see Plum Crazy on the Cuda. That dream is getting closer to reality!! More updates soon.
    3/30/19 Update: Today was the biggest day so far. We rolled the Cuda on a trailer and brought it home!!!! Now the real fun begins, the assembly process. The updates will come much quicker with the Cuda in our hands.
    7/14/19 Update: So much for quicker updates. Summer has arrived and all the things that go with it. Vacation is out of the way, now it’s full on ‘Get ‘er gone’ !!! Rear suspension, dash and most of the front suspension were bolted on this weekend. Really cool to see some big parts get installed. As always, more updates later.
    7/26/19 Update: We are making progress every day, getting close to dropping in the engine and trans. Fuel lines, brake lines, and electrical are just about done. I’m thrilled with how well the process is going. Keep checking in, engine photos soon.......
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  1. David B
    You can't go wrong with a 1970 Plumb Crazy Cuda.
  2. Jerry Foust
  3. Knock Out
    Don’t know how anyone could choose a blue car
    Love it
    Happy motoring
    1. Fishgutz
      Look now, not blue anymore!!!
      Fishgutz, Mar 18, 2019
  4. hofilbert
    Nice car! Lookin' good!
  5. Fishgutz
    Big step accomplished this morning. The last coat of primer. Some final blocking and it’s on to the pretty stuff.
  6. Fishgutz
    Finally ready for the last coat of primer. Color next.......
  7. 340challconvert
    Nice Cuda
    and the work is coming along nicely!
    Can't wait to see how it turns out!
  8. Fishgutz
    Hey Guys, thanks for the encouragement.
  9. Douglas Markel
    Looking good with work being done. I'm going through the same thing with mine. Keep us posted with more pics!
  10. HITTER23
    Very cool. Those gutted trunk/rear end pics made me shudder...