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Ray's Toys

  • I have a 1970 'Cuda 340 that I ordered from an army PX when I was in Vietnam. She is black on black with a 727 and 3.23 gears. She also is an A/C car. Her name is Ebony E.

    Next on the list is a 2015 Challenger SXT Plus. I can't believe how quick this 3.6 engine is.

    Last but not least is a 1989 Mustang LX Notchback. Let me explain why the 'Stang. 14 years age I took the 'Cuda to the dragstrip and I got addicted. Rather than beat the hell out of the 'Cuda, I got the Mustang, and built it up for bracket racing. It's only a Mustang, so i abuse it quite a lot.:) The MOPAR'S.jpg Ratchet Friday Photo2.jpg
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  1. JohnP
    Must say I prefer the Cuda for looks and stance
  2. est43
    Absolutely the two MOPARs !!! I have a 74 Cuda with up-powered 440 .... which I love also .... Thank you for your service!!
  3. sunger
    Nice rides Ray!
  4. 340challconvert
    Always liked the Fox body stangs
    Thank u for your Nam service.
    Nice Cuda and Challenger too.
  5. bobgarrison43
    Very cool 70 cuda, and thank you for your service!