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Steve's 1972 Plymouth Barracuda 318 C.I. / A904 3-spd auto/ Fresh Buy

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Vinyl roof is off. Addressing corrosion Interior is gutted, attacking the windshield and rear window corrosion. New glass ordered...lot's of sound deadening and POR-15 action. Corrosion was addressed and passivated using corrosion inhibitor prior to POR 15. :)
Wheels are gone...car wasn't sitting right and rode extremely stiff. I chose and installed Year One 70-74 Rallye Wheel staggered set. 17x9 and 17x8 better look and probably will be a better ride. I have all the glass out and am addressing the vinyl top issue. Have any ideas on where I can source custom vinyl top materials? I want to change from Black to dark Argent to match the center caps of the Rallye Wheels.

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