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SOLD 14" Front Baer Break setup ($600)

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  1. ericp2733

    ericp2733 Member

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    Sep 12, 2018
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    model name / number: Mopar

    Never used still in box 14" Baer brake setup for Classic Mopar E bodies. This kit includes 14" two piece rotors, big single piston calipers, new brake pads and master cylinder as well as all the plumbing and hardware to put it all together. This Kit is meant to utilize OE front disc spindles. The part numbers have changed since this is an older kit, but this BAER part number is for the new one if you want to look up the kit. I am asking $600 for the kit.

    14" Front Pro+ Brake System

    This kit fits the following cars but can be used on any 60s- 70s mopar if you get the correct spindles;
    - 1970-72 Dodge Challenger w/OE disc spindles
    - 1966-72 Dodge Charger w/OE disc spindles
    - 1966-72 Dodge Coronet w/OE disc spindles
    - 1970-72 Plymouth Barracuda w/OE disc spindles
    - 1966-70 Plymouth Belvedere w/OE disc spindles
    - 1967-72 Plymouth GTX w/OE disc spindles
    - 1968-72 Plymouth Roadrunner w/OE disc spindles
    - 1966-72 Plymouth Satellite w/OE disc spindles

    Please shoot me an email if you have an questions.

  2. SFEbody

    SFEbody Well-Known Member

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    Jan 31, 2016
    Los Angeles CA. ( Valencia )
    looks like a great kit......one question-does it fit stock disk brake spindles?
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