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FOR SALE NOS 1953 Oldsmobile Rochester 4 Barrel Carburetor

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  1. Moparply

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    Mar 20, 2014
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    NOS 1953 Oldsmobile Rochester 4 barrel carburetor. Very rare NOS carburetor still in the original Rochester box. The carb is NOS correct everything, carb ID tag, choke, numbers, dated mid 1952, instruction sheet, packaging, etc. $495

    The carburetors that are sold thru the Oldsmobile parts dealers are $1000. That will get you a mismatched incorrect reproduction choke incorrectly plated incorrect numbers throttle shafts bushed junk carburetor and it will only cost you $1000.

    Based off the Oldsmobile Parts supplier pricing this carb should be more, like $500 more, not $500 less? That dealer is located in CT.

    You can get this NOS carburetor for 1/2 the cost, $495. Probably the last one remaining in NOS.

    Located in NJ. I will trade for 70-71 Cuda 70 GTX Hemi parts I can use.