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FOR SALE Speedometers

Cuda - Challenger Parts for Sale

  1. Grady Cain

    Grady Cain Well-Known Member

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    Mar 22, 2014
    NW Connecticut
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    2 speedometer heads. These are proper for all 1971-74 Challenger and all 1970-74 'Cuda with non-rallye instrument panels. Will fit a 1970 Challenger but font and layout is not correct. The one with 08131 miles works properly, the other has a seized drive and is most appropriate for parts or rebuild. $50/both or $40 for just the good one (or make me an offer) plus shipping from 06098 CT. Thank you FEBO for the ad space...
    20180311_122447.jpg 20180311_122509.jpg 20180311_122520.jpg 20180311_122526.jpg
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