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  1. 32hooptie

    71 cuda real deal tx9!!!

    whats up with the merchandiser newspaper ?
  2. 32hooptie

    73 challenger

    Ya they did! you should of bid on it LXguy
  3. 32hooptie

    Driveshaft needed 72 Challenger

    Do you have the length of the drive shaft you need? I have A few different lengths of drive shafts from cuda's and challengers
  4. 32hooptie

    Need Interior parts of 74 Challenger

    I believe I have almost everything you need for your black challenger interior, and its all very nice, including a perfect dash
  5. 32hooptie

    wanted 8-3/4 open any ratio or 8-3/4 3:23 sure grip-Mich

    I believe i have 2 rear ends 1 - 8 3/4 323 sure grip 1 - 8 3/4 minus the pumpkin. Both came out of E-bodys
  6. 32hooptie

    73 challenger

    I will try and take more pictures later when i can get my garage door open. My garage door is frozen to the cement floor from all this snow, and my camera isn't taking good pictures inside a dark garage and the car being black. Think I need natural light.
  7. 32hooptie

    ralleye gage wanted

    Ill sell mine for $394.00 then lol
  8. 32hooptie

    Who's tired of winter?

    oop today they said gonna get 4 inches tonight and then up to 19 inches tuesday here in mi. Im gonna go move in with rameth, hes got 71 degree weather
  9. 32hooptie

    Who's tired of winter?

    I heard on the news only 52 more days till spring! Yaaa and then i herd im gonna get up to 15 inches of snow tuesday Booo
  10. 32hooptie

    73 challenger

    318, 727, 8 3/4, original tripple black challenger, I got this from the second owner, who had it stored since 1990 with 80k miles. This mopar is really nice! restored in 2010 , car is straight ,lines are beautiful . Has a cracked front windshield . $15,900 If you have a stalled project thats...
  11. 32hooptie

    SOLD 1970 B% Barracuda

    I like them stock and snot cloned, you did a really nice job on your fish. You just need to find the right buyer where moneys not an option for top dollar and a few of those people are still out there. I think you would get on average 26-32 in this crappy economy, but i think its worth more...
  12. 32hooptie

    Wanted: Alum Slot Rims 15x10

    I have a pair of old aluminum slotted mag wheels with slicks on them, They arn't as shiney as the ones in your picture, if you still need them
  13. 32hooptie

    ralleye gage wanted

    I have one ralleye gauge cluster but im not really sure i want to part with it. Whats it worth to you?
  14. 32hooptie

    340 oil pan issue

    Im a body man not a mechanic, i dont no if i have a center sump oil pan. The oil pickup is more towards the center /rear and the pan is alot deeper than a 318 oil pick up. The 70 340 has this black plastic shield thing around the bottom and is different than 318. On the side of the block it...