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May 13, 2009
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    1. 1970 R/T
      1970 R/T
      I lived in Detroit in '78 when I sold my '70 Challenger R/T. It was dressed like a '73 with a 440 4speed back then. JS23N0B223928. I want to find it and restore it back to factory. Do you recall seeing a car like that? Any help would be appreciated! Joe
    2. Mxkilla
      Hi Matt Iam new to this group but I was hoping u could point me in the right direction. I have a BUNCH of classic mopar emblems I got when my dad passed and Iam trying to get rid of them and I no there is a lot of ppl who might want them I just don't know where to post them I have 2 brand new hemicuda emblems,challanger,charger ,custom you name it I
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      2. Randy H
        Randy H
        Hello Mxkilla. Thanks for posting. I am looking to buy a pair of hemicuda emblems for a shaker hood. Do you have still have them available? Thanks!
        Sep 20, 2019
    3. Entropy
      Aloha Matt: Thanks for the welcome and a 67 Crown Coupe, nice. Some day I wouldn't mind a 59 Crown Coupe. Cheers Will
    4. CaseyCuda
      Hey I saw your post in a 71 side molding I have a 71 Challenger that takes the little posts that are welded to the quarter panels doors and fenders I was wondering if you may have a full set and what you would be asking for price wise
    5. 71 FE5
      71 FE5
      I am looking for a 1970 AAR Sassy Grass Green automatic car that was purchased in Fort Wayne, Indiana and open the first 10 years of it's life in Allen County, Indiana, when it was sold to someone from Lima, Ohio that was going to use it as a circle track car. It had reared damage that buckled the right quarter. no vinyl top and a rally hood vs the AAR hood. See if we can find this car. Mike
    6. 71droptop
      Hi- Am looking for reflector 71 Challenger rear taillight panel.
      It would be the reflector near center. Or rear finish panel with good reflectors.
      Don't know of any reproductions.
      Thanks for any help.
    7. BAD
      I am looking for the transition moldings that attach to the top of the inner pillar post moldings on a 1970 Cuda Convertible. They curve around the upper corners of the inside of the windshield across the top of the sun visors.
      I'm not sure what they are called, so I'm not sure what to search for. Thanks in advance for any information you can give.
    8. Mad Cuda
      Mad Cuda
      Looking for information on changing out the backup light switch on a manual tranny. When I unscrewed the old switch out, fluid started pouring out. Is this normal? Do I need to drain the tranny first? Did prior owner overfilled it? Puzzled Thanks
    9. 74 challenger
      74 challenger
      Hey Matt hope you have a great xmas
    10. ebodykwv
      looking for someone in the detroit area to install a hotchkis tvs in my 73 challenger anyone that you could recomend,ken toledo ohio
    11. gf7cuda
      DetMatt1, hows it going? could you help me with the factory part number for engine wiring harness for 71 cuda 340 4-spd? or where I can get this info? thanks man!
    12. doubleyellow
      Would help if I said that they are for a 1970 Challenger
    13. doubleyellow
      Hi Detmatt. I need headlight buckets and was wondering if you knew anyone around Detroit metro that may have some. Thanks. I can't seem to find repro ones.
    14. heybird426
      detmatt1 hi ! haven't posted in a while but i was going through my interior parts and to my suprise ifound a broadcast sheet which is not mine!!! it was in my rear seat . #s bs23hob354714 pm me if any hits ! thanks heybird426.
    15. moparraceman@aol.com
      hello for info on trans call craig at 419-989-5027 thanks
    16. Dusterkrazy
      Thanks for all the kind words. Some people may or may not wanna see more of the '70 Charger. It has the purists wound up lol.
    17. 74 challenger
      74 challenger
      would love to see a pic of your Roadrunner,thought it would be in your album. dave
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    `71 Challenger convertible/`68 Road Runner AKA "JUNKYARD DOG"/`67 Imperial Crown Coupe/‘64 Impvertible
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