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Caution: Doing this install has nothing to do with changing out 4 sealed beams!

My Chall already had H4 conversion sealed beam housings and a total rewire with Infinitybox power management. Doing the Halo conversion is still a lot of work. I remade the front harness completely and made a second daytime running light harness to power the halo led driver packs L&R.

Biggest modification was depth of the 30w led driver in the low beam (my option choice.) It is quite long and extends too far into the headlight pocket to fit. I hate to cut classic metal but the solution was pretty innocuous - holesaw and capplug that increased the depth just enough, and left an easy way to get the halo wire lead rearward as well.

These halos rock the DRL output. They are almost as powerful as the 30w low beam driver. FWIW I put a 15w driver in the high beam. It is more than adequate given its aimpoint and wired to run with low beam too. The high beam effect of halo+low+high is beyond oe output for sure and beautiful on the classic e-body.


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