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The Moparium

  • Here is my Moparium as my buddies call it. A lot of Mopars plus Ford, Chevys, Olds, Pontiacs & Buicks have been restored or built into race cars in this garage over the years. Here is my Challenger, 2 Chargers & Road Runner projects.
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  1. Knock Out
    Please help me with my ignorance but
    What is a ford or a chevy? Are those taxis like a checker or a wagon like Volvo? Golf carts? Lawn ornaments?
    Please advise
    1. 6PKRTSE
      I like them all from the muscle car era. I just choose to spend my money on Mopars preferably.
      6PKRTSE, Mar 14, 2019
  2. 70SunFun
    Yep, nice collection. I like the Challenger and the 70 Charger R/T is my favorite year/model Charger.
    1. 6PKRTSE
      Thanks. Coincidentally, all four of my classic cars are 1970's.
      6PKRTSE, Jan 14, 2019
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  3. 340challconvert
    Nice collection
    My kind of garage!
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    1. 6PKRTSE
      Thanks. Mine too. Not a Ford or Chevy to be found..... LOL.
      6PKRTSE, Jan 14, 2019
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