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FOR SALE 340 X-Heads - Restored/Ported

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  1. moparvinny

    moparvinny Well-Known Member

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    May 27, 2012
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    For sale are pair of freshly ported 340 X-Heads. The heads are ready to be bolted onto your small block Mopar engine. The heads were ported/assembled by a well known facility in Metro Detroit.

    Below is a breakdown of the work that has been completed. Please note the heads have never been installed on an engine following the porting/reassembly processes.

    Baked blasted and magnafluxed heads (no issues)

    All tapped holes were chased

    CNC Porting - intake ports / exhaust ports and chambers

    Installed guide liners in the intake and exhaust guides

    Installed harden seats in exhaust for unleaded fuel

    Cut spring pockets to remove ID step

    Cut for valve seals - cut top of guide for seals

    Milled exhaust face - fly cut exhaust surface

    Performed valve job - cut intake and exhaust seats and grind plus back cut valves (2.02/1.625)

    Milled deck - 70cc

    Installed freeze plugs

    Washed and assembled heads with the following:

    10-degree steel retainers

    Comp Cams 10-degree 11/32" with no lash caps recess

    Comp Cams dual valve springs 1.437 OD, 322 lbs./in. rate, 1.150" coil bind height

    Comp Cams valve spring locator, steel, hardened, 1.500" outside diameter, 0.060" thick (set of 16)

    Installed Manley valves - exhaust (stainless steel: 1.625", diameter: 0.3415", stem: 5.065" length)

    Installed Manley valves - intake (stainless steel: 2.020", diameter: 0.3415", stem: 5.040" length)

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Location: Metro Detroit

    Price: $2,900.00

    340 X-Heads_5.JPG

    Ported 340 X Heads_3.jpg

    Ported 340 X Heads_2.jpg

    Ported 340 X Heads.jpg

    340 X-Heads_2.jpg
  2. gzig5

    gzig5 Well-Known Member

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    May 10, 2018
    Mequon, WI
    Do you have flow data on the intake and exhaust after the porting work?