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440 Heavy Duty Fan Clutch

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  1. i_taz

    i_taz Active Member

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    Jul 5, 2017
    Pocono's PA
    For anyone considering upgrading their fan clutch the Hayden 2947 is one to consider.
    Being slightly taller than the Jag 2765 I wasn't sure what to expect when replacing a Champion aluminum radiator with a 3 row brass OER unit. Turns out there's more clearance than I would've thought... almost 1 3/4" to face of fan and almost 2 1/4" to edge of fan. In fact the fan, a OEM 7 blade, is completely out of the shroud but cooling has been excellent. I've been removed from the hobby for quite awhile so those may be normal clearances but I assumed it would've been closer to < an inch. For the record it does stay at a steady 185 with only going over 190ish in traffic or pulling a grade. Not bad for a 22" running at 3k RPM... Glad when a plan comes together....

    fan clutch.jpg
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