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727 front clutch orifice restriction size ?


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Feb 2, 2023
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weekie wackee,fl
For 48 years my 727 with a fairbanks shift kit has thumped so hard and has overlap shifting manually, i finally pulled the valve body. I got rid of the shuttle blocker rod, putting the accumulator spring back in along with the missing ball bearing in the d hole. I also just drilled the passage a little bit next to that ball.
Its now almost stock except the separator plate.
Question is what size restrictor for front clutch. A&A thought when i mentioned .100 was alright. trans go , bm are 130-140 but i have the stock line spring, not the huge trans go springs. So i might need more than .100? With headers its torture pulling vb shift levers, so hate to go to small. The .100 sure looks small to the 11/32 (.344) in the case now.
A&A said maybe turn psi 1 turn over stock. Also bough a part throttle valve from them. I will let u know how that feels,
thanks in advance.
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