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SOLD *REBUILT* Lower Control Arms With Sway Bar Mount Tabs 66-69 B Body Cars.

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    Apr 25, 2014
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    Yes, i know that this is an "E" body site, but members tend to have more than one body style of car in their driveway, so i will also advertise these LCA's here, on this site.

    Mopar Rebuilt Lower Control Arms With Sway Bar Mount Tabs 66 67 68 69 B Body Car
    These are a pair of rebuilt lower control arms with sway bar mount tabs on them that are used on 1966-69 B-body cars such as Charger, Super Bee, Coronet, Roadrunner, GTX, Satellite, Belvedere.

    I recently found this pair what was left of the suspension, that was original to a 1967 Dodge Coronet, but officially are for any B body car using a sway bar, from the 1966 model year until the 1969 model year. The sway bar mount tab is in a different location on the 70 and later B body cars.

    These control arms will fit and work, on any B body car from 1962 until the 1972 model year. It's where the sway bar mount tab is located on the LCA, that make them year specific to the B body line of cars.

    I have cleaned these control arms of 53 years of grease and grime, plus they have been cleaned of all the surface rust in a product called Evaporust. You finish painting them with whatever texture, and color of paint that you prefer. I will leave that up to you, as some people are very particular, in what they want to use.

    These are one of the best pairs of lower control arms that i have come across, with sway bar mount tabs on them, and rebuilt for re-sale. You can't go wrong with parts starting out here in California, Nevada, Arizona.

    I installed new control arm bushings from a company named Proforged. They market, and sell, a very good quality bushing. The rebound bumpers are in excellent shape, and i didn't have to replace them. The bushings alone cost me near $35.00, so if you factor in my labor time what it took me to bust these things off a car in the wrecking yard, initially paying for them, cleaning them up, buying the bushings, doing the press work on the bushings, i need to see $300.00 for these parts. If you don't know how to rebuild these lower control arms it can be a pain in the butt to get them done. I have a shop hydraulic press, and the factory tools to get these done correctly. Shop labor rates are $120.00 + an hour where i'm at, and if i charged you 1/2 that it would be low. I have already done all the hard, dirty work for you. This is what i do as a professional auto mechanic, to help pay the bills in this life on planet earth, and to support my other hobbies, and buying other things here on this site. I can't pay my rent, go to the gas station, or grocery store, working for free, or minimum wages.

    Not interested on any kind of "trades" or any "offers" other than the stated price.

    $300.00 for the parts, + FEDEX'ing to your zip code, + 3% Pay Pal

    Send me a pm message if your interested, and we can go from there.
    Jim V.

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 001 (Small).JPG

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 002 (Small).JPG

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 003 (Small).JPG

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 004 (Small).JPG

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 005 (Small).JPG

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 006 (Small).JPG

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 007 (Small).JPG

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 009 (Small).JPG

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 011 (Small).JPG

    LCA's 66-69 B Body 013 (Small).JPG
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