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SOLD **REBUILT** Single Piston Calipers. 1971 Up, A, B, E, Body Cars.

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Apr 25, 2014
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Rancho Cordova, CA.
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I got around to rebuilding all the single piston calipers that i have in my stash of parts, that i now am putting up for sale, along with the Bendix, 4 piston calipers, and Kelsey Hayes 4 piston calipers that i also have been selling on the A & B body sites, and even BUDD disc brakes on the C bodies site.

Anyway, here's what all these calipers are for, and the applications.
Please read thoroughly my description, for them all.

1. 1973-76 All the A body line of cars.

2. 1971-74 E body & 1971-72 B body cars.
UPDATE: These calipers have also been SOLD.

3. 1973 Up B body cars that use these "PIN TYPE" of caliper.
(Update: >>>Both pairs of the 73 up, B body disc brake calipers have now been SOLD.
Currently just the single Right side one, is the one that's still for sale. Thank's.<<<)

I will sell these calipers at $70.00 for the pair, and $35.00 for the single one in the picture, that is a RIGHT side, 1973 up B body caliper.

I DO NOT have any more 1970 pin type calipers, that are commonly known as the "WIDE MOUTH" design, so please don't ask me about that design.
Those calipers were just a one year design.

Payment will be thru Pay Pal, and i will mail them out in a USPS flat rate box at $22.80, anywhere in the USA.

Anyone interested, send me a pm, and then we both can go from there.
Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

CALIPERS Single Piston 003 (Small).JPG

CALIPERS Single Piston 004 (Small).JPG

CALIPERS Single Piston 006 (Small).JPG

CALIPERS Single Piston 007 (Small).JPG

CALIPERS Single Piston 008 (Small).JPG
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