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SOLD Switch. Windshield Wipers. Variable Speed. 70-74 E Body Cars. # 2770380


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Apr 25, 2014
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Rancho Cordova, CA.
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I have a couple of windshield wiper switches that i will put up for sale here on the E body site and B body site.
#1 3483043 shows up in my parts book as a Variable speed switch, for Rallye gauge 71-74 B body cars.

#2 2770380 shows up in my parts book as a Variable speed switch for E body 1970-74 Barracuda & Challenger cars, and A body cars.
(The short stem one, on the right, in the picture.)

Selling each switch at $30.00.
Plus whatever the mailman want's to get them to your zip code.

Payment, i accept Pay Pal.

Any questions, do it with a message to me thru this forum, and i will get right back with you.

Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

The "E" Body switch SOLD.
It's Gone.

The "B" Body switch has also been SOLD.
Will mark, close out this ad, as SOLD.
Thank's a lot, everyone.

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Pumps Switches Bezels Misc 012 (Small).JPG

Pumps Switches Bezels Misc 014 (Small).JPG
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