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Another Rear Quarter Window Question

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  1. stu in wichita

    stu in wichita Active Member

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    May 13, 2013
    I've finally got my windows adjusted pretty well, thanks to the info on this forum. I have one final question that I can't find anything on.

    On the quarter window regulator, there is an adjusting screw and lock nut, similar to the two that position the top and bottom of the track. Ir's located just below the upper fore/aft adjusting nut, and it's on the galvanized regulator itself.

    I kinda remember noticing it when I was cleaning up the regulators, but now everything is reassembled, and I can't figure out what it does.

    Everything seems to work good and align well, but I hate to button things up while this is accessible and maybe needs attention. Any ideas?