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Best new springs to match new QA1 shocks - any recommendations?


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Apr 24, 2022
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Hi Guys,

Recently acquired my 1st E-Body and purchased a full new set of adjustable QA1 shocks for her.
The ride quality is pretty poor and on closer inspection the springs need to be replaced as they are old and tired.
I was just wondering if folks have any recommendations as to what is considered maybe a good match (front and rear) for an e-body and these shocks.
I'm not sure if the car already has lowering springs on her (nothing to compare against and no markings on existing springs), I dont suspect it is running stock height ones.
(oh by the way, I'm in Ireland and there arent many of these over here so I get one shot at ordering the right ones or I'm into expensive returns/customs/VAT issues :rolleyes:)
thanks in advance!


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Chryco Psycho

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Dec 28, 2008
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More questions than answers but it looks like stock ride height , a flat spring will corner better .
What do you not like about the ride now ?
Do you want it to sit at a different height , firmer or softer ride , better cornering ?
Espo or Detroit spring can create anything you want , higher or lower & softer or harder .
The trick is to get a balanced suspension , Hotchkiss offers good packages for this .
Personally I prefer a more compliant ride with huge swaybars for handling , Hotchkiss has large hollow sway bars .

Mopar Mitch

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Aug 5, 2013
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NW Chicago Suburbs
Nice ride!!!

Are the QA1 shocks that you've bought "single" or "double" adjustables? Learn their ride comfort/handling differences with different settings.

also, just so you know, your rims are the Year One 17"... looks like 9" wide both front and rear?? The tires will have short sidewalls that give a little harsher ride than you may like, but improved transient steering response for better handling... play with the tire PSIs to get your preferred ride comfort. Having a Big Block engine has more front-end weight... so, consider having a little more front tire PSI vs the rear to avoid rolling the front tires under their sidewalls.... maybe try ~32-34 front, 30 rear and see how you like it.

IF you change the front torsion bars -- Hotchkis, Firm Feel, whoever -- you'll notice an immediate improvement in ride/handling... even if you only step up to something like ~1.12"... yes stiffer, but not bad at all. (I use 1.24" front TBs... intended for serious autocross and road course... not bad on the street/highway, either.)

Stiffer rear leafs will also be noticable... So... learn to adjust the ride with the shock settings and tire PSI.