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Complete 1971 Dodge Dealer Data Book

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  1. C O D Y

    C O D Y Well-Known Member

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    Jan 2, 2012
    Here's a very popular Data book.... The 1971 Dodge Data Book!!! So many cool options that year! Wish I could upload the smell and share it as part of the experience. The whole time I'm scanning this one today it's taking me back to the 70's with the original smell of this book. [​IMG]

    I scanned it so everyone can have a copy of the 1971 Dodge Data Book:

    Data Books, Salesman Pocket Facts, Color & Upholstery Guides

    As always, I hope this helps anyone that needs it. And please feel free to share it with anyone you like. The more we can help each other the better it is for the hobby. I always appreciate your comments and have a wonderful day my E-Body buddies!

    1971 Dodge Data Cover1.jpg

    1970 Dodge Data 4.jpg

    1970 Dodge Data 1.jpg
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  2. DetMatt1

    DetMatt1 Well-Known Member

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    May 13, 2009
    Metro Detroit
    Very kool of you Cody, many thanks!