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Gen 2 hemi in 72 challenger

Performance Upgrades

  1. Mike Whissel

    Mike Whissel Member

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    Jun 19, 2018
    I've been working on and off collecting what i thought was the right/best parts. now not sure about the mounts.
    i got the Schumacher engine mount in the early 2002's, never heard of issues then ...but now i been looking and heard of issues with them shifting engine over to the pass... options ?.i see there still for sale so..?.i got a mockup engine that i'll be using.. but the car is all together with a 340 4-speed, didn't want to pull apart till i was closer.

    been using For Hemis Only for the build..
    top end is stage v heads,rockers,intake and valve covers.
    tti headers.
    thoughts.. pictures
  2. tonysrt

    tonysrt Well-Known Member

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    Mar 12, 2017
    I converted my 71 Cuda to a Gen 2 Crate motor back in 2002. Back then Schumacher didn't have mounts available and he didn't think he would be making them any time soon. I bought a Hemi K frame from hemispherical products along with his motor mounts and have had the engine in the car for 17 years with zero problems. I had the engine out twice and reinstalled with no problems. I know it was an expensive way to go but my only option at the time.
  3. 6PKRTSE

    6PKRTSE Well-Known Member

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    Feb 3, 2010
    I have also used the old Hemispherical K frame and their motor mounts with no issues in my last Hemi Challenger build. The current Hemi Challenget build I went with a front and mid plate mounts only due to the power levels I am at now. First picture is mock up. Second picture is the finished shot.


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