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340 build ignition recommendations

Electrical and Ignition

  1. Joemoy29

    Joemoy29 Active Member

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    May 22, 2017
    ok so I got my engine back from the builder. It’s a 416 scat stroker with a 285/.480 cam. I am going stock look and will be using HP manifolds and fully restored six pack. I am not expecting 500hp but I think it should make some good numbers.

    I have always used pro billet with msd box. What does everyone recommend these days. I would like wires that look somewhat stock. The dist is kinda hidden especially with the six pack cleaner. Is the reliability and performance worth using something different than the regular mopar electronic ignition?
  2. moparleo

    moparleo Well-Known Member

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    Oct 17, 2011
    So. Cal. Riverside area Moreno Valley
    If you want to use skinny wires (7mm) ? you won't get the benefit of hi energy ignitions as they will have a tendency to bleed and arc. Hi energy ignitions use heavy core wires because they have to. Pertronix is a good one out there.