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Ammeter Bypass


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Sep 19, 2016
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New Zealand
I did try to find the source/article I read but no luck finding it - so I thought I should ask here.
I did the ammeter bypass under the hood with a large wire from the alternator direct to the starter relay terminal.
I left all the original wires/ammeter connected. I installed a 12V LED indicator inside the car so I can tell if it is charging as the ammeter stopped working.
Is this correct or is there a better way?


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Jun 28, 2020
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Pay special attention to the installation details for installing a fusible link wire in the path from the Alternator to the Starter Relay stud. The factory fusible link cannot be reused if you upsize your main Alternator output cable a.k.a. Charge Wire to the Starter Relay stud. The factory fusible link can remain in place if you left the original charge wire and added a parallel and larger AWG charge wire but the new charge wire must also have its own fusible link.

Most people plan for increased loads (see chart) and upsize the Charge Wire to #6AWG and use a #10AWG fusible link at the Starter Relay stud. The fusible link is four sizes smaller (numerically larger) and uses unique insulation that will melt instead of burn. The below charts are helpful with industry information for selection.

Alternator Selection Guide.jpg
Powermaster 713-1-184-130 6AWG ALT Charge Wire.jpg
Fusible Link Info - 4 sizes smaller than Charging Wire.jpg
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