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Drumb to Disc Swap


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Feb 16, 2010
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Lower Hudson Valley
Read this article on using factory parts to improve your brakes without the headaches of going aftermarket. Next, watch every E-body video you can here.
A killer factory setup is to go with a Bendix E-body power brake booster, a 3461187 master cylinder, factory 11.75" front rotors (most call these 12") and either stock 10" or 11" rear drums. The TA-style metering valve is a must have item and is approximately $71. If you have enough engine vacuum, you are good-to-go. If not, use the LEED Brakes VP002 ELECTRIC VACUUM PUMP KIT - BANDIT SERIES and you will have a system that can hang with any aftermarket kit out there.
Hey Mopar guy- great feed back. Where did you see that article. Who has the T/A metering valve. Thanks in Advance.